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GOTHS : It is basically undefinable b'coz "GOTH" means different things 2 each followers. It is up 2 the individual to define wad GOTH is for themselves. As for me, Goth has the blood of a punk. It then survive on as its own subculture. But some says that goths originated in the medieval age...

About the dressings. Wearing all black does not mean u're goth. Because goths loves to be unique & be different from the others. They do not care what people gonna say about em' because they know that they've got their own originality not like those people who loves common things & be the same as the others...The norm people would dress up the same & follows the trend but goths does not envy popularity... & a goth does not like to dress up the same as the other goths do...

Being a goth is interesting. It does not matter what religion are u because Goth is a CULTURE & NOT A RELIGION! In music wise, it also depends on which type of goth music u like to listen to... eg. Goth rock, ethareal, darkambient etc... As for me, i preferred on listening 2 ethareal which is most characterized by saprano female vocls combined with almost classical or folk type instrumentation which creates a surreal, angelic or love spiral downwards. Ethareal music often contains opera-like vocals... Ethareal is a subdivision in itself, however it is grouped towards the darkwave end rather than the gothic rock end...

If u people think that u're goths, think!!! "Are u goth enough?!"
by Gothpunk June 18, 2007

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