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Short for South Korean Telecom1, a Starcraft progaming club. Members and former members include SlayerS'_Boxer, iloveoov, GoRush, Kingdom and Bisu.

It also means SKT1 push in Starcraft: in TvP, the Terran player pushes out with 5-ish marines, a tank, 1 or 2 vultures and research spider mines on the way, against a fast-expanding Protoss.

The purpose of this push is to harass or delay the Protoss's expansion, or force Protoss to build more defenses so that Terran can nullify Protoss's economic advantage or even establish its own.
SKT1 push used to kill every fast-expand Protoss.
by Gothic90 April 27, 2009
Short for "Crowning Moment of Awesomeness".

It is the moment when a fictional character does something for which they will be remembered forever, winning for them the eternal loyalty of fans.
We cannot pick a CMOA for the Starkiller in Star Wars: Force Unleashed, there are just too many: he is a Crowning Person of Awesomeness!
by Gothic90 April 23, 2009
Female masturbation. Tilt your head to the left.

Other versions are:
OGC: male masturbation
oec: male leftie masturbation
O3GC: futanari masturbation
It is necessary for a girl to O3>C.
by Gothic90 May 12, 2007

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