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2 definitions by Gorillabeast2012

Judo attacks are commonly used by citizens in asia due to the increased chance of being robbed and raped by a ninja. The most basic judo attack would be the judo chop. The judo chop originated from a chinese monk named Hong kong chong jin jia ching bo ki hongzai IV. Master Hong Hongzai taught this move to Austin Powers. Austin later used this attack in a couple of movies although, Austin was robbed and raped by a ninja. That bring us to the second and more effective judo attack: The judo kick. The judo kick is quite simple really, all you must do is a roundhouse kick to the balls while wearing metal shoes with side spikes. The judo kick originated from the province of Judosia in Pakistan and was mastered by Jimmy Kii Ching Han XIV. Unfortunaly Jimmy and his judo kicks could be no match against a ninja with an uzi. This brings us to the last attack: the judo M249Saw. The judo M249Saw is a modified version of the american M249Saw light machine gun. The judo version includes an extra 369 rounds of ammunition as well as a cup holder. The only thing that beats this is the Judo nuke but ill get to that another day.
I gave that motha fucka a judo kick. I totally used my judo M249Saw on that rabbit fucka. I used my judo attacks on chuck norris and now im a fucking dead man!
by Gorillabeast2012 March 04, 2012
The act of pouring microwaved kool aid on a male partners penis and then yell surprise! While your partner is screaming.
Ya I gave that bitch a kool aid surprise last tuesday. He'll think twice before cheating on me again.
by Gorillabeast2012 March 04, 2012