2 definitions by Gore, inventor of the internet and the word fedorable

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1)Something I invented.
2)A hair net worn by two old women who can't afford a single hair net. They have fallen through the cracks in the Bush Medicaid drug program, and cannot even afford drugs in Canada.
3)A net used to capture rogue interns.
1)Did I mention I also won an Oscar and the Nobel prize, not to mention the presidential election of 2000?
2)Mabel and Shirley took turns holding the cane, but the internet was something they both had to deal with.
3)Somebody should have used the internet on Monica Lewinsky. They only used the presidnet in a nuclear emergency.
anything constructed from felt.
fedorable housing is much easier to heat, and reduces carbon footprints. With the increasing number of hats showing up at estate sales, this is perhaps more important than what is happening in the middle east.

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