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a general term of approval, synonymous with words such as awesome, great, pimp, sick etc... The term originated from the awesomness of getting McDonald's meals when one is wasted.
John: Yo man i won like $100 at the casino last night, then went to the strip club!


John: that IS meal bro.
#awesome #pimp #sick #mcdicks #mcdonalds #big mac #legit
by GordonBombay87 September 30, 2010
refers to the act of repeatedly inserting your fingers (fingies) into a vagina. Fingers only become fingies once they are actually inside a vagina. If the whole hand is inserted it is no longer fingies, but fisties.
Gord: Yo Rob what happened with that girl you took home last night?
Rob: It was kind of a disappointment, I gave her the fingies, then she peaced
Gord: weak
#fingies #finger #vagina #handjob #the fingies
by GordonBombay87 July 18, 2010
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