2 definitions by Gordon Hanzmann-Johnson

A phrase used by non-geeks, which, when translated means HTML and CSS.
Britney: Hey Berners, you're good with computers and that, right?
Berners-Lee: Yeah.
Britney: Do you know any myspace codes? I'm a bit confused.
Berners-Lee: You mean HTML and CSS?
Britney: Huh?
by Gordon Hanzmann-Johnson April 15, 2008
The yellow cheese flavoured residue left on your fingers after eating a packet of Twisties.
Dude 1: Pass me a pen please.
Dude 2: Do you have twistie fingers?
Dude 1: Yeah, I just ate 100 grams of Twisties.
Dude 2: No pen for you, I don't want my pen ruined like all the others.
Dude 1: Okay, hold on. *licks fingers to decheese*
Dude 2: Alright, enjoy the pen. *hands over pen*
by Gordon Hanzmann-Johnson August 11, 2007

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