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(Also see: Shit-Faced Whore)
The Gap-Eyed Goonlin, most commonly found roaming the halls of High Schools, feeds from undermining acts performed on other (and often smarter/more attractive) students. A very common specimen, the Gap-Eyed Goonlin is the result of a reproductive accident- due most likely to lack of appropriate birth control and a gene pool similar to that of Sasquatch. Although an excessively ugly creature, the Gap-Eyed Goonlin doesn't seem to take notice, snapping pictures of herself at odd angles wearing revealing clothing/bathing suits.

A highly nasty creature (both in appearance and temperament), the Gap-Eyed Goonlin are very recognizable in their natural habitat, and sightings are extremely common.
Leaning suggestively against a wall, the Gap-Eyed Goonlin does her best to snap an excessively ugly photo to later post online.
by GoonlinTrackers May 03, 2011
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