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Like a billionaire, but with google executive / long time staff kinda money.

A person or group of ppl who know the financial potential of their company, but pretend otherwise; name their company after a gigantic number which represents the the future value of the company. The company must also use a greeny / touchy-feely slogan like - do no harm.

Catch, ur not a googlianaire unless it works.
Eric S, Philip R, Larry, Steve and Sergey are googlianaires, bill and his pals r not.

Bill et al had no clue what they were getting into.
#billionaire #millionaire #sleazy #gwreazly #weazly
by GoonMunster April 29, 2008
Sleazy, Weasel and Greasy.

Slimy person.

Often used to describe politicians who use the butchard, slain, or abused card to get elected.

Also used to describe politicians who use the community development card to get elected, the sit on their butts or neglect their community once elected.

verb: gweazl
Giam-bony is gweazly.
Giam-phony is gweazly.
Ruperchet is gweazly.
Phony Ruperchet is gweazly.
Mott is gweazly.
That Phony, Baloney Giam-boned-Me is a gweazl.
#giam-bony #giam-phony #ruperchet #giam-boned-me #sleazy #weasel #greasy #weazly
by GoonMunster April 29, 2008
A combination of a Weasel and a Sleazy person (omg).

Often used to describe elected officials, politicians who campaign using the abused, sexually abused, raped child and community development card, then dump the community once elected.

Ppl who make friends to Weasel something u. A job, a future business arrangement, knowledge, whatever? Weazly

He Giam-boned-Me, the weazly bum.

That Ruperchet is so Weazly

Giam-Phony is so Weazly.

That Mott guys is so Weazly.

That Giam-bony is so Weazly.

He/She's so Weazly.
#giam-bony #giam-phony #ruperchet #giam-boned-me #sleazy #weasel #greasy #weazly
by GoonMunster April 29, 2008
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