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110 is a hood Fighting sequence originated in the streets of Princess hood Coit & Kit. 110 means lets (basically) fight for a minute and ten seconds, also can be seen as a test of ones nuts and will
" If you my nigga then lets go 110"
"Nah you tried to Ho me you gotta 110 for that"
by GoonAssPrincess August 18, 2011
Princess is ones swag appeal to lighter colors of style clothing, acts of Heem, or simply feeling good about himself

(this specific definition is towards male, no The princess in this definition , is not gay)
"Fuck that hoe imma princess"

"I look like ma fkin queen Elizabeth nigga"

"Im Heem, nigga im a Princess cant tell me shit"
by GoonAssPrincess August 18, 2011
Heem is when is ones personal describtion of self likely ness also used in forms of aggression

(this specific definition, originated in Texas)
"You know you cant fuck with me, I go Heem"

"That Heem ass Princess"

"He went Heem"
by GoonAssPrincess August 18, 2011

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