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1 definition by Goodwill King

A distinct pattern that can be found on almost all ugly christmas sweaters, and most thrift store sweaters. The patterns can range in size and shape but normally has crazy colors. The patterns often resemble Native American styles and designs. Involved can also be used in describing other clothing such as shoes, shorts, shirts, hats. The best examples of Involved sweaters are from thrift stores, and are vintage from the 90's.

Most involved clothes have been brought back by hipsters and Urban Outfitters.
-Bro 1- Dude!
-Bro 2- What man?
-Bro 1- Look at that sick sweater! It has like 30 different colors and the pattern is sweet.
-Bro 2- Yeah bro, that is a fresh involved sweater.
by Goodwill King March 07, 2012
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