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When you end up having intercourse with a virgin while she is extremely intoxicated, while on her period and you are completely sober.
Dude the cavinism last night was the greatest, although I feel like I'm going to regret this later today.

Man shes always complaining that she lost her virginity during cavinism.
by Good Driver Discount December 09, 2010
A guy who has done everything sexually and enjoys big boobs and a trailer park ass. This person doesn't care how expensive things are when he goes on rampages breaking things. He likes a purple football team because he is gay like Barney. Enjoys throwing up on others peoples "carpets", being tucked into bed by a guy and then waking up naked the next day. Being good at basketball and ping pong he is good with balls of all sizes. Also enjoys sitting in his car that gets shitty gas mileage when his friend is in the "clinic" for an hour and a half.
You know your a Whiteheadist when you have videos of you being high on itunes right above your own homemade porn.

You also know your a Whiteheadist when you can only grow a goatee.
by Good Driver Discount December 13, 2010
A big scary person who is surprisingly a caring teddy bear who likes to hug. This person will piss you off if you let him play video games with you. May also be in love with Dorris' soup and wants to eat her at mass city while displacing water in volume city. Likes hooking up with chicks that wrestle with men in random parking lots. Enjoys wearing light blue uniform and dancing/singing show tunes with make-up on coming close to gay as possible. REAL QUICK LIKE!
You may be a Rochowist if you pop bottles in your eyes.

Rochowist always have 99 problems and they ain't bitches.
by Good Driver Discount December 13, 2010
A person who is extremly slow, laughs and smiles no matter what is said, has no common sense, jerky, and loves 14 year old girls. This person is normally easily persuaded and is often found playing COD. Side note: Sometimes likes to B his L on peoples Ts and is known as a con-thorsonist because he disses friends to go study (which really means play with his COD).
Dude did you see that Thorsonist walking down the street next to the middle school with a cheese head smiling because he fell, I was afraid for my life.

I heard she got with a Thorsonist last night, she must have been in middle school.
by Good Driver Discount December 13, 2010
A person who is to serious to understand the meaning of love and emotion whatsoever. May also be the nicest cock sucker you will ever meet while likes to listen to music from his dads era. Believes that men>women in all occasions and is not afraid to slap a hoe or choke a bitch. LET'S GO!!
Did you see that guy just choke a bitch, he must be a fronterist.

Girl: "I love you, you fronterist!" Fronterist:"Does this fronterist have to get up and choke a bitch?"
by Good Driver Discount December 13, 2010

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