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1) When ones virtuous nature becomes a severe and complete vice unto others

2) Surprise Trolling/Spam, (the coherence of which is often disputed) in a collection of incoherent spams/trolls. Usually involves bringing back something completely worthless or of insignificant value, in a string of worthless attempts at references or personal history, to shame/bring glory to someone/thing.

3) The first two combined

also known as Cryptic internet trolling
i.e. 'Message Authentication Code'
(hence 'Mack' attack)

in general, this internet technique is dualistic in nature and will half the user's social & IRL life span, upon use.

IRL circumstances you are considered insane

<will> hi mack
<mack> I am so totally going to
<mack> knock back a 100g for will
<mack> I told u I was hardcore
<mack> benzos, restoril
<Zephism> lol
<mack> for a weekend of fun
* wahrheit sets mode +b *@*.AOL
* wahrheit kicked mack (Ripper is half a decade old, Fuck off).
<Zephism> klonopins
<Zephism> haha, mack attacked


<garian> hey mack
<mack> hey garian,
<mack> so I got Z-lined from slacknet
<garian> hahahaha
<mack> Dragon ball Z-lined
<garian> :(
<garian> mack...
<CHz> I hope you die
<mack> >:(
* mack has quit IRC (Dreams do come true >:()
by Gooberjoob September 06, 2008
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