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A bar and music venue in the WestBank of Minneapolis.Was opened in the late 90's by members of local Punk band Dillinger 4. It's become a veteran to the Minneapolis music scene and had many notable shows under it's belt. If your in the Twin Cities be sure to check it out. Also is mentioned in a song by NOFX ''Seein' Double at the Triple Rock".
"You gonna see______ at the Triple Rock?"

"Definetly! They're last show was awesome."
by Gonzo 659 May 03, 2008
A Punk collective/ record store in South Minneapolis. Great place to buy music, see upcoming shows, and meet new people. The store is all volunteer run and is probably one of the last of it's kind (at least in the Midwest).
Random Guy:" are you seeing the ____'s at the Triple Rock tonight?

Random Guy 2: " Definetly. I just picked up their LP at Extreme Noise."
by Gonzo 659 May 03, 2008

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