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3 definitions by Golod

Arguably the greatest band ever.

Creaters of such classics as:
Kielbasa, Tribute, Wonderboy, Friendship, and City Hall (just to name a few)
Their self-titled CD is great
by Golod April 28, 2005
Name of an old prospector who somehow got involved with the US Army's search of Osama bin Laden (Remember him?)
That's C-H-I, G-G-I-N-S. CHIGGINS!
by Golod April 28, 2005
1. Pretty boring town
2. Town with pretty good sports teams
3. Mostly Harmless
4. Has some pretty cool people
5. Go Hornets
I am not one of the popular/cool people in Branford.
by Golod May 01, 2005