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Usually a white man with a black face and white lips and sometimes sings with the word "wah" and a deep voice over-used, a bit like a wigger (white boy) as they are pretending be something there not and just looking plain stupid.
You used to be able collect little golimen tokens on the back of UK jam jars intill it was branded racially offensive and stopped in 2000 area. Marilyn Manson dressed up like a golliwog with mickey mouse ears on top (?) for his golden age album. Golliwogs are along the same rascit lines as "darkie tooth paste", "the laugthing nigger", "gollimen" and "minstrels".

Personally Golliwogs scare the sheer shit out of me.
"Wah wah, wah wah, wah wah wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wah" - Golliwog song

"Golden Years" - David Bowie Golliwog song in background

"Robbinsons Jam" - The tokens

"The league of gentalmen" - that scary looking bastard
by Golliwullok August 31, 2005

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