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simply the best anime ever created. its such pure genius how they dragged the fights out. this way you have much more content to watch. the music in the show both dubbed and original really fit the show. I think bruce faulconer did a great job with his synthesized music. the dubbed voice actors vegeta & goku are better then the japanese cast. but to really get the true nature of this anime you have to watch it in its original language there Vegeta will say things like "Don't Fuck With Me" and "damnit". The Original show would be like going to watch a pg-13 movie. Thank god there was no nudity i mean what person wants to see Pan naked you sick ass nasty pedophiles.
dragonball z
by Goku January 01, 2004
to smoke
Austin just mokked a joint.
by goku February 07, 2004

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