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A fashihion look that begun in 1969. in England, describing the look of the working class.

Short hair is easy to wash, jeans are firm, don't rip easily and wash up easily, boots with caps keep feet safe. Later, laces come in with skins coming to football games (different colour of the laces showed which club they supported).

In the '70. , the look and movement was hijacked by Brittish Nationalist Front, so today we have youth who harvested some sick ideas (nazi and white supremacy ideas).

Today there are more "kinds" of skins: the traditional (working-class), the boneheads (nazi & WP), S.H.A.R.P.s (anti-nazi league), gay skinhead scene...

In it's soul, skinhead movement started as a non-political fashion style of working class youth in England who listened to ska & reagge (later punk & oi!) and drove scooters.
"From the East coast
to the West coast:
gotta gotta gotta go!
Unated we stand,
Devided we fall!:
gotta gotta gotta go!"

A.F. song
by Gogs September 05, 2003
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