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A sexual act involving two black men and a white woman. The three lay on top of each other, with the woman in the middle, thus creating an "oreo." The man and woman on the bottom engage in a 69, while the man on top either screws the woman anally or licks her asshole.
Me and my friend Kyle did all this crazy shit to this white girl last night! We even made an oreo!
by gogglyeyed October 26, 2013
A sexual act taking place in the janitor's closet, often intercourse, causing the janitor to be quite shocked if he happens to open the door while the two are doing it.
Guy 1: You won't believe what happened yesterday!
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: Stacy wanted to have sex, but we were in school, so we did it right in the closet. It was a real janitor's surprise!
by gogglyeyed October 24, 2013
The amazing hip-hop group TLCs way to describe cheating on your partner!
So I creep, just keep it on the down low
by Gogglyeyed January 13, 2011

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