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Lead singer of the band evanescence that began in 2000, though only really got big in 2002-3.

Their Ablums to date are:
-Evanescence EP
-Whisper EP
-Origin (2000)
-Fallen (2002)

Their works include:
-bring me to life
-going under
-my immortal
-everybody's fool
-breathe no more

She also did a duet with her ex, the lead singer of seether.

They are usually classed as rock, but sometimes as obscure genres e.g. 'new-age-goth-pop'.
"Man, evanescence are very cool. Amy Lee is fine."
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life January 13, 2006
Cutesy prononciation of muffin.
"Which do you prefer, cookies or muffins?"

by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life June 29, 2005
Derived from emo as a subculture label, and retard used as a derogatory statement not peticularly connected to mental inability. Used most commonly by those who hate emo kids because they use stereotypes against everyone they meet.

An 'emotard' is inflicted with the same (false) connotations as emo because of the media and a respectively small percentage of emo kids who do fit the stereotype, to fit in with their peers.
-over emotive
-cries alot
-cuts themselves to show people
-writes poetry/songs
-is in an emo (hardcore/softcore) band
-wears emo fashion'

Many emo kids have taken the name in good humour and use it between friends with no negative connotations.
"Go away and cry you emotard, and listen to some real music like metal!"

"Hey fellow emotard! How was the maths exam?"
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life January 10, 2006
A cute little girl going by the name of Ruby Gloom, is a character created by Roman Dirge. She lives aparently alone in her mansion, and enjoys riding her tricycle on the roof.
Her first book, Keys to Happiness, gives some old quotes with a twist.

Merchandised as: stickers, badges, bags, push toys, books, notespads, stationary, keyrings, posters...
"Misery loves company--but watch out, she can also be very annoying."
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life July 01, 2005

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