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A school located in Forest Hills, NY. The school is full of Bukharians, Russians and Asians. It is a very competitive high school, and most of the kids go to top notch colleges; Ivy League or private universities. Carl Sagan Science Research Program is the best program in Queens and has the best research teachers you can find. This academy has already produced several winning science research projects in the highly competitive national Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology and Intel Science Talent Search. This program has kids that beat Stuyvesant and Bronx Science kids in competitions. The Law Programs is a very competitive program as well. It receives roughly 4,000 applications each year for only 100 seats. A lot of the nights include staying up all night for homework and studying. It is annoying now, but once you get to college its gonna be a breeze. All the potheads smoke right across the street and yes, they're all white. The school has two huge gyms, a HUGE baseball, track and handball field. It has like 100000 doors to enter and exit the school. The cafeteria is also huge!
Forest Hills High school is huge

You go to Forest Hills High School? How are the girls?
by Godfather123456 March 20, 2011
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