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1)a combintation of the two words Shits and Giggles,
which means just for fun and no purpose. used to help explain why you did a ceratin thing, when you honestly dont know why you would ever do that to begin with.

2)A nickname/ slang term for a person who does random things for no apparently reason all the time. not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes can have the connotation of a clutz or girl who does the most random crap you can think of.
1) Jon: dude, want to start a band?

Josh: sure, but neither of us have musical talent or time...

Jon: yeah, we can just do it for fun though

Josh:yeah, just for shiggles

2) Adam: dara, why on earth would you put your hampster in a microwave?!?

Dara: idk... XD

Adam: *sigh* ur such a shiggles.
by GodBaconandMopeds September 04, 2010

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