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Acronym: Give It To Her Good, Old Man

Often said from one male friend to another to communicate well wishes with an attractive female. Very effective as a one word text message. Can also be used to convey success with a female after the fact.
Oh you're going out with Rebecca tonight? GITHGOM.
by God of the Kitchen February 05, 2010
Bowser's forward tilt. He extends his manly fist forward and denies recoveries like its his job. Once you hear the Whoomp, you know you have no chance.
Look at this falcon trying to recover. Mwuahahahah. Whoomp, whoomp, whoomp.
by God of the Kitchen July 13, 2010
A stand alone word used to convey an overt sexual, awesome feeling. Best applied as a one word sentence mixed in with standard conversation.
I went to the store today with Laura. We got lots of groceries. Bonaire. We even got some ice cream.
by God of the Kitchen February 05, 2010
Peach's side-b. With a great thrust of energy, Peach thrusts her butt at you and shouts ha-cha! Getting hit by this move is somewhat embarrassing and mildly erotic.
Ganondorf: I can't believe that ha-cha just hit me. I'm going to roadhouse her and send her cute little butt flying.
by God of the Kitchen July 14, 2010
The noise made by Samus's bombs.
There's no way she can recover from that.
*Biddup, biddup*
by God of the Kitchen June 02, 2010
the ultimate complete flawless relaxation of never having to work again
Puerto Rican is one week away from perfexation. His last day is next friday.
by God of the Kitchen June 04, 2012
Bowser's Up air when performed after expending his double jump. The animation performed looks like a third jump of sorts and can be used to punish noobs who try to jump over Bowser. After a successful triple jump, Bowser lands and taunts.
Look at this Jiggly try to recover over my head. I'm gonna get that stupid puff ball. Jump, (predict double jump), jump, triple jump (death). fast fall, l-cancel. taunt.
by God of the Kitchen July 13, 2010

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