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A small town located right near Waterbury and Bristol. It is a generalization that everyone here is rich and snobby. There is, actually, a very ghetto, lower-medium income section of Wolcott right near Waterbury. Here, there is nothing else to do but get really really drunk and have sex with each other. The only high school here is Wolcott High and it is filled with a bunch of stupid ass motherfuckers. The freshmen are the most immature creetens to walk this earth, the sophomores think they know everything, the juniors try to outdo the seniors, and the seniors are just as immature as the freshmen. But it's all good, we like the way we roll. The only thing the cops here seem to do is bust parties. Seriously, that is their greatest accomplishment. The girls here wear mini-skirts when it's ten below and the guys are either guidos, skaters, nerds-who-think-they're-cool or an interesting mix of all three. Rumors here seem to spread like wildfire, even if it's something that has happened 304,892,439 times before. Such as, hook-ups, someone getting arrested, and a chick getting knocked up. We seem to make a bigger deal out of everything than it really is. Kids here start becoming sexually active at an average age of seven. recently, there has been a rapid influx of black people and Albanians. Wolcott High School is also a great place to make bomb threats when it's ten degrees outside and we have to be evacuated for almost three hours. Thanks, whoever said that. And I mean that with the most sincere sarcasm.
Wolcott is home to drama, drinking, underage sex, some snobs and some dirt poor kids, and kids who think they are filled with infinite wisdom. Rest in peace, Ant, Jess and Tham<3
by God Almity in the Highest February 27, 2009
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