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the steryotype of an emo kid is a sad kid who cries and wears tight pants, has a myspace with many friends, have been known to cut themselves, many arent true emos and are only following a trend (why I do not know) have a hair bang longer on 1 side of their face, thick rimmed glasses, related to the scene kid, a more glammish emo kid like comparing black metal to hair metal. a few things should be noted about this subculture:
1. Many of the true emos are not that bad are usually good looking, do not consider themselves emo, do not try to be emo or focus on being emo, In fact if they hear the word emo used in a durragatory or general way or are reffered to in any way as emo may lash out either verbally or even physically (the original emo kid really isnt that emo) may listen to emo and probably alot more. If they do have the stereotypical emo haircut pants and overall look many fashion designers will probably agree that their style looks good, especially compared to its ancestral punk fashion.
2. the trendy kids who cut themselves, purposefully embrace the emo stereotypes, post millions of myspace pictures and put the caption "emo" are false emos in a sense and true emos in another sense, in the first sense they are the false emos in that they did not start the scene and do not truly feel passionate about their scene, in the second they are true emos in that they are the over dramatic exadurated problem inventing stereotypical kids that are constantly (and for good reason) harrased for their emosity, this creature is your enemy, destroy him and all thats left is the true emo kid who in actuallity is not that emo (confusing?)
3. Many emo styles are simply a more mild form of punk, and it should be noted that the punk's (or at least the true punk) plight is alot like the true emo, they are both trying to be themselves and both were labled what they are, as a small child you would probably think of a bad meanie trouble maker or a coward when you heard the word punk, so it is safe to assume that the label punk was not self generated and used duragatorily, but the difference between the emo and the punk (the true or original ones) is what makes the emos emos and the punks punks, the emos wanted to be different but also not really on the radar and were relatively modest in their rebellion and just simply were annoyed by the word emo or emotional, the punk would probably have heard himself being called punk and maybe laughed, maybe told all his friend hed been called a punk, begun to label himself as a punk as a joke as an insult to the person who had labled that person a punk, might have shouted that he is a punk somewhere and acted as rebelious and loud and as much a trouble maker as he could to piss off that man or woman who called him a punk as a retaliation, which would have infuriated that person thoroughly.
4. An emo kid is not what many of the pictures on this urban dictionary are, just because a person is sad doesnt mean theyre emo, it means theyre sad, dont be stupid, just because a person cut themselves doesnt mean theyre emo they might be emo but they oculd also be some gothic wierdo or a commited actor or maybe just some kid who likes cutting himself or perhaps a vampire whos really hungry and doesnt feel like killing someone else, cutting is also a sypmtom of depression, most of the people who make fun of depressed people for being "emo" would be extremely "emo" if they had the same depression and would most likely kill themself as fast as they could in the least painful way, this kid would go by another title, this title is: pussy
5. The emo kids fashion is something that really shouldnt be made fun of and it is sad that it has become a symbol of weakness and sorrow, tight pants have long been a theme of punk music and hair metal, the one sided bang poofyness and straight hairstyle of the "emo" kid is also inherited from hair metal and many of the rebelious type of kids during the 80's would be considered to have the emo style if they had lived as they did during the 80s today especially if they had made their look slightly more modest. The New wave scene is the contemporary scene to the emo scene of today, both are rebelious and yet seem to conform and be modest at the same time yet the new wave scene was happier and the emo scene is seen as being sad. When you see someone who fits the "emo"profile, dont immediately judge them, at least observe their actions a bit before condeming them to be "emo"
6. Today most emo bands like MCR or Hawthorne heights fallout boy and taking back sunday have more preppy punk or other kinds of listeners rather than emo listeners, if emo kids were the majority of people buying any type of music that band could not afford to stay in the public eye and probably not in the music buisness at all. Most punk bands today are in actuallity much more like the stereo type of emo and area a softened version of punk, original punk was much more aggresive angry rebelious loud and reckless passionate and personal and alot less trendy commercialized "artistic" publicized on mtv, on most played songs on radio stations like blink 182 greenday the living end NRS and such, original punk has evolved into the lighter forms of metal which are loud rebelious reckless angry and often personal and passionate and not at all about getting in the public eye and earning popularity which might be the goal of pop rock pop punk bands like ashly simpson or avril lavigne (ashly simpsons song name should be changed from pieces of me to pieces of shit) examples of the lighter metal bands which are much more like punk than todays punk is are dope, Mindless self indulgence, Mushroomhead, orgy, rammstein, sevendust.

if you have read that entire definition I am both sorry for you and proud of you
MCR Hawthorne heights punk hxc scene myspace hot topic trendy, emo
by God Almighty HIMself June 06, 2007
Fag, golfer, abercrombie, polo, fag, messenger bag, combine with poser punk kid to get scenesters and emo kids, love ripped pants, buy pants already ripped, dumbasses, often rich kidz, think theyre cool, arent, suck, fag
pretty much any newscaster, tom cruise, tiger woods, any golfer, abercrombie, prep
by God Almighty HIMself June 06, 2007

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