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A country most poeple either love or hate. Some people are smart and see France is a very smart, beautiful and successful country, probably one of the best places to live in the world. Others (American dumbasses mostly) see it as a country full of wimps just because they surrendered during WWII (btw Germany never had full control of France, and the resistance was what helped the Americans even survive there) and because they didn't agree with Bush's idiotic invasion of Iraq. Fact is France has been one of the world greatest country and is one of th world's best culture. And just for the hell of it, France are the ones who saved America from getting their asses beaten red by the Brits, also he country who had control of over half of Europe. France has accomplished more than the US ever will.
If you are smart, you will recognize France for all it has done, if you are a dumbass you will hate it for doing what any other country would have done in its situation.
by GoFrAnCe05 March 29, 2005

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