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A rich suburb northwest of Columbus, Ohio. Hated on by surrounding 'burbs because it is obviously the best. Known for the affluent neighborhood Muirfield because it hosts the annual Memorial Tournament, a stop on the PGA tour. You are probably surrounded by 3 golf courses at any point in the city. Dublin is also home to Wendy's, Nationwide, and Cardinal Health. Jerome is the best high school, and has won many academic awards as well as state titles in lacrosse, golf, hockey and tennis. Coffman is full of sluts but they're good at football. No one cares about the druggies at Scioto.
"Honey, maybe we should move to Hilliard" - wife

"Do you want our daughter to be a pregnant drug addict by age 15? No we're moving to Dublin." - husband
by GoCelts March 13, 2013
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