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GEP is the best way to make your day. GEP stands for Good, Exciting and Productive. How you make your day GEP is up to you... just try and make EVERYDAY a GEP day. You'll have fun and get things done.

First formed as a mantra at Brettargh Holt, the word of GEP is slowly spreading to more and more ears, particularly at Uclan and over facebook. Sometime in 2011, 'GEP' will appear on the British TV show Total Wipeout.

Spread the GEP <3! Wear GEP day t-shirts. If someone says something along the lines of 'it's been a good day today,' ask them if it's been Exciting and Productive too.

Long love GEP days!
by GoBananasWildChild May 08, 2011

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