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A modified version of pub rules pool (billiards). The main difference being that each shot must be played using 100% velocity, no matter what the consequences will be. A brutality referee is used to subjectively determine if a player is hitting the ball as hard as they can on every occasion, however if balls leave the table - brutality is assumed. Another feature to Brutal Pool is that the game can be won at any time if player manages to break a ball.
Real pool is for kids! Let's play Brutal Pool!
#pool #billards #pub games #drinking games #beer
by GoATMoN March 05, 2009
Someone who lives a very narrow and limited existence. Where the most they may be concerned with could be sumarised as cricket and lunch.
'Why do spend all of your free time reading those boring books nerd?'

'Because I, unlike you, refuse to be content with a life of cricket and lunch'
#cricket #lunch #ignorance #limited existence #jock
by GoATMoN July 11, 2009
An alcoholic beverage which consists of equal parts Solo and Vodka.

Traditionally served in a wine glass, however there are many variations. One such variation is as a double shot of Vodka with Lemon Squash - this form being much easier to order from a venue which either isn't Super Solo aware or simply not willing to endorse a drink which is half Vodka.
"I swear I'm drinking myself straight!"
"That's because you're drinking beer - Have a Super Solo instead!"

"Can I have 2 Super Solos please?"
"Sorry, we don't serve Super Solo"
"Oh, O.K. - Well give me 2 double shots of vodka with lemon squash instead"
#vodka #solo #supersolo #super-solo #alcoholic beverage
by GoATMoN April 18, 2009
Food consumed illegally for desert or as a treat. Usually in a secretive manner.
You're eating Gramby! Where's my Gramby!?
Yogurt is not Gramby! - Yes it is! It's your Gramby! Where's mine!?
#dessert #treat #indulgence #ice cream #yogurt
by GoaTMoN April 16, 2008
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