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Simply put: Motorboating a person’s ass.

Person A places their face into person B’s ass crack and moves about furiously like a motorboat (as in motorboating breasts), but because of the ass’s foul nature, it takes on characteristics of a swamp or the everglades.
Our sex life needed to be reinvigorated so my big sexy, Ryan, and I spent the whole night everglading each other. :-* <3
by Go Bot August 12, 2009
To frequently get stuck on walls.
I was running to my next class and danny weissed, so I was quite late.
by Go Bot January 22, 2009
Something you eat while laughing hysterically.
OMG that's hilarious! I'll have that with a side of loalslaw!.
by Go Bot February 02, 2010
The pleasure one gets from a good sneeze.
Dude, I just had a facegasam.

Did it feel as good as everglading?

Well, of course not, but it was great.

Next time you facegasam use a fucking tissue.
by Go Bot August 27, 2009
When you're so drunk that your friends have to put you in the bath tub to pass out.
Person 1: Greg got so wasted last night that we had to put him in the tub.

Person 2: Yeah, he was tub drunk.
by Go Bot February 27, 2011

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