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swedish definition of ass,butt,arse,anus and gasa-remsan. Could be used both as word for the place where the brown stuff get out, but also a word you can call a stupid guy (just like "you asshole!")
1. Fan, det kliar i röven!
2. Din jävla röv!
3. Ska vi leka rövkrok
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
1. something you can inhale (strong stuff, worse than peanut-butter!!)
2. a birdnest
1. Like the famous song "En fet jävla holk" goes... "En fet jävla holk!!! tamtam dada tralallala"

2. Oh, look at the lovely birds in the HOLK. A holk can easily be situated at a random tree
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
A gang, containing fjortis:es equipped with their måpe:s, hanging around playing cool and smoking holk.
Listening habits are mostly r'n'b and negerdunk.
Im one of the feared Hellmoppers from Älta!
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
1. A very big village way up north. There you can find the famous Gnarp-sign my cousin bit.
I'll meet you at the GNARP-sign!
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
A not-so-very-known language spoken by norrlänning:ar. The language is built of three words; "töcken", "traktor" and "juuiossch". (The last word is used when accepting a statement, and when speaking it, you should inhale air to get the right pronounciation. IMPORTANT!).
Example of the language in use:
Stor Sven: -Ih ha ni töcken Hans-Erik?
Lill-erik: -juuiossch!

Pronounced like it´s spelled but different.
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
1. A place where the most unpleasent buisiness take place (arabs and medwurst)

2. The song "gasa lite mera" made by Lill-babs. It´s the main track on Lill-babsd first record: "Klas-Göran".

1. Excuse me, I have to use my gasa-remsa and of course visit the men's room.

2. Ihhhh gasa tralala lite meeera tratuut....
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
1. Various kinds of music containing lots of bass. Of listened by fjortis:ar and members of the Hellmoppers. When listening to negerdunk beware of the clothing...
what the fuck??!?!? NEGERDUNK! I hate it!
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003

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