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The Reno and Goldman Connection.
This ruthless duo is invincible. The RGC moves with unmatched coordination, precision and lethality.
Yo, if you're going against the RGC you better roll 30 deep.
by gman October 24, 2004
Two hawaiians who bang until the sun dies out
Chapman loves to Wala Wala Bing Bang to himself
Chapman did it to himself all day long
by Gman April 20, 2005
n. Another name for lint.
He hand to clean the fluff from his sweater after taking it out of the dryer.
by GMan January 03, 2004
Galway based hardcore punk outfit featuring the throbbing bass lines of Michael Sherry
Dude! I went to see Ass Clown last night and they f*cking rocked the joint!
by Gman May 04, 2003
Let me tell all of you stupid ass clowns,we dont care if you dont like the same things we do.So go FUCK OFF!
Hahahaha! You like the Simpsons and they suck!
Me:Could I give less of a fuck?
by Gman May 05, 2003
The third book of the encyclopaedia satanica e.g.The book of the worm.
by Gman May 04, 2003
b-town is binbrook u no how it is
repin b-town for life
by gman January 11, 2005

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