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A sandwich that is made with marshmellow cream and peanut butter.
I never ate another P.B.& J. from the moment I first tried a fluffer nutter. They're the best tasting sandwiches around!
by glyph November 14, 2002
A pentecostal tongue speaker.
I can't stand going to church with those clickers. They start clicking their tongues one minute and the next thing you know their rolling around on the floor with a bunch of snakes!
by glyph November 14, 2002
An greeting founded by shuban arshad, can be shortened to Samano to become an exclamation.
Samanosuke, Chris how are you today my cracker friend.

Samano that was a 30% knock out!
by Glyph April 22, 2004
Shortened version of Samanosuke usually used as an exclamation.
Samano you miss spelt Cracka in the Samansuke Example!
by Glyph April 22, 2004

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