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1.(v) Word used by incompetent (and typically of Mexican heritage) med-school students to describe the managing of financial records or the arrangement of literature. Often confused with bookkeeping by those who use it.
2.(v) The keeping of boo by someone, typically the Ghostbusters or Michael J. Fox.
1. Man1: "Spell bookkeeping."
Man2: "B.o.o.k.e.e.p.i.n.g"

2. Man1: What are Dan Akroid and Bill Murray doing on TV with that green guy?
Man2: Bookeeping
by Glynnjamin January 02, 2006
A combination of the abbreviation of Phoenix (PHX) and the word sexy. It is used to describe a location in the city that is unique, cool, and trendy.
FEZ is a Phxy bar on Central. The Downtown Market gets Phxy during the winter because it's not as hot.
by Glynnjamin November 03, 2008

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