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People would claim that the only people who say this game is bad, are narrow minded people who think the graphics are crap, and are saying this game sucks for no other reasons, and then claim that it has good gameplay, simply put, they're wrong, very wrong.

I played this game 3 odd years, from about september 2001 (it was kind of fun around then), I played it excessively, through addiction, and i'm telling you, this thing can destroy you.

It doesnt have good gameplay, it is repeatative mindless clicking, on the same process over and over and over, it induces greed and spite in almost everyone who plays it, there is no social base to it.

That should be enough.
Gloric: Man, I just wasted 3 odd years of my life on this thing.
n00b: omg u quiting? gimme stuff plz.
Gloric: umm.. no.
n00b: omfg im reporting u, ****ing no life scum.
by Gloric May 02, 2005

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