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After having anal sex a man cock-slaps his girlfriend and spreads her own fecal matter around her mouth giving her the look of a sad clown.
Oh my God! You cock-slapped shit all over my face!!! You seriously gave me a Brown Clown?!?!
by Gliderman January 25, 2011
The sound a man makes when he accidentally looks up shemale porn.
by Gliderman January 27, 2011
Having sex with a woman while she's on her period and the quivering of your dick splatters her own period blood all over her back so it resembles a Jackson Pollack painting.
Wow! It looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.
by Gliderman January 25, 2011
Getting a blowjob while taking a shit in a porta potty. When your turd hits the water, the blue chemical splashes her in the face turning it blue as though she was in an aquarium. Undeterred (and maybe a little turned on) she keeps giving you head.
Becky just gave me a deep sea diver!
by Gliderman January 25, 2011
After fingering a girl on her period and getting a whole handful of blood, you spank her leaving a bloody hand print similar to how Native Americans painted hands on palomino horses.
I figured this chick when she was on the rag and then gave her a palomino...Then she punched me.
by Gliderman January 25, 2011

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