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Noun. Top Quality Cocaine.
So named because of the analgesic (pain relieving) effects of cocaine, and how it can be used excessively, despite the expense, by the wealthy.
Mr. Richworthton is complaining of a migraine, please take this $1000 and get him some Rich Mans Aspirin from his dealer.
by GlamKitten November 08, 2011
The secret pocket found on the inside of each cup on certain style bras. Most people are generally unaware of these pockets because of their small, unnoticeable, side entrances.

These pockets are ONLY found in demi-bras with push-up inserts pads.

These pockets originally came filled with slim fabric inserts, but are removable as per the wearers preference.

The pockets form a SECRET PURSE for the wearer, in which they may stash valuables or anything else they'd like.

Some Bra Purse stashers stash to protect their items from being stolen, some stash to hold things when going out without a real purse, some stash to hide dirty little secrets or habits from others.

Commonly found items which are stashed in Bra Purses include: cash, ID, credit cards, pills, condoms, dime bags, other drugs, tiny cell phones, wedding/engagement rings, jewelry, phone numbers, keys, lighters, mace, pocket knives, hair elastics and lipstick.

The item must be small in order to fit in the pocket, and to still look natural outside their clothing. Once in the pocket, the item is secure.

Very small items require a great deal of awkward-looking effort to remove while the bra is still on wearer.

One should never stash their cigarettes in a Purse Bra and risk ending up with a deformed box-titty.
Example 1.
2 females in holding cell awaiting processing:
Fem 1: Oh shit dude, I have 4 hits of E and a dime baggy in My pockets, I'm so about to get busted!
Fem 2: No problem. Stash it in your Bra Purse, they'll never check there!

Example 2.
Jill doesn't want to carry her purse to the club with her and worry about it all night. So she grabs her car key, cell, lipstick and cards and stashes it in her Bra Purse. She leaves her real purse safely at home.

Example 3.

Jody's fiance found several guys phone numbers secretly hidden in her Bra Purse when he thoroughly search ALL her pockets when she came home.
by GlamKitten November 24, 2011

A profusely annoying, deafeningly loud woman whose mouth diarrhea completely dominates all the normal sounds of a bustling bar, drowning out everything else.
Conversation, ordering a drink, or enjoyment of music is rendered impossible.

This legendary beast refuses to shut the hell up and mistakenly believes one of 2 things will result from their ear-raping howls:
1) they may attract a mate by commanding attention.
2) people actually find them worth listening to.

Her ear-wrecking shrieks, cackling laughter, and the sheer decibel level of her voice have been known to cause the following symptoms in anyone within a 1.4 mile radius:
1) confusion
2) temporary loss of hearing
3) headache
4) uncontrollable vomiting
5) rage
6) thoughts of suicide
7) violence

Left untreated, this could result in permanent loss of hearing or death.
Treatment options include getting into your car and speeding away, or just K.O. the loud mouth bitch.

b) I'm going home, the bar banshee is giving me a massive migraine and I've been contemplating suicide for the last 5 minutes.
by Glamkitten May 02, 2011
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