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When a chick goes to the bathroom on a night out and leaves toilet paper stuck in her ass/pants so it hangs out the bottom of her dress
Guy 1: Hey, look at that hot chick, I'm getting her number
Guy 2: Wow hold up, look, she's got a hanger, not very classy...
by GiveHerTheWelly August 12, 2012
A capture-the-flag style game which takes place in bars and pubs which have 2 or more pool tables and a bunch of darts.

Extremely rare, a dart fight will only occur when the thought of throwing darts at each other enters a persons head. The instigator will yell 'DART FIGHT!!' and people within the vicinity will quickly blend into two separate groups, flip over pool tables at opposite end of the room and proceed to throw darts across the way at each other, trying to make their way across no mans land and taking out opponents on the other side.

Goggles are advised if available, but are not mandatory. Dart boards may be worn as a shield when crossing no mans land.

Throwing snooker balls or cues is foul play and will result in the offender being eliminated from the game.
*Group of guys are standing in a bar talking*

Guy 1: .....DART FIGHT!!!

*Everyone else jumps into action*
by GiveHerTheWelly January 23, 2013

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