2 definitions by Giuseppe and Louis

(latin- totalus: very, bonus: a large piece of marble in a cylindrical shape) adv. expressing great enthusiasm or approval. Usually said with an accent on the TOEtally BoneAH
Dude, your hairpiece is so totally boner!

Man, those streamers are friggin totally boner!

"Hey Sandy, did you see Dale's new shoes?"
"No. Tell me everything about them in a two word phrase."
"Totally boner."
by Giuseppe and Louis September 18, 2007
adv. 1) completely and absolutely dreadful 2)ugly, displeasing, revolting, or otherwise...suck 3)anything that is the opposite of totally boner
Dude, your hairpiece is so cold shower.

Jenny, let's lose that guy who's following us on the unicycle - he's so cold shower.

You have to shave that mustache, Jim. It's too cold shower.
by Giuseppe and Louis September 18, 2007

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