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Social and financial parasites; pop-culture yes-men; fair-weather friends. People who ride on the success of others until the money runs out on the theory that brown nose + someone else's cash = I get paid.
Iron Mike's entourage bled him white.
by Git Offa My Lawn August 11, 2004
Short for Gothic.

Used to refer to a musical subculture. Orginally, the goth movement was an outgrowth of the late 50's Bohemian poet-culture (the original black beret-wearing coffee-swilling poetry-reading hipsters. Be zorch, daddy-o!). The goth movement celebrated dark music and dark poetry; eloquence and intellectualism was praised. Goths dressed well, often in Victorian or Edwardian garb, always formal. Goths were fatalistic celebrants; they were dancing in the Apocalypse. Musical icons include Machines of Loving Grace and the Sisters of Mercy.

Over the years, the goth movement has changed. Your typical Goth is much younger, typically in their teens. The emphasis is currently not upon creativity, but upon fashion (the blacker the better) and wannabe Alice Cooper makeup. Sarchasm and sneers are cultured and practiced. Musical darkness has changed to musical disaffection (the two are not the same, people!). Goths are no longer about creativity; they are about out-complaining each other. Attempts at creativity are mocked, with the exception of self-pitying would-be suicide-note poetry.

Goth is a thing of the past.
People say Marilyn Manson is goth. Try Leonard Cohen.
by Git Offa My Lawn August 11, 2004
A dystopic blend of goth and punk. An affectation of alienated youth, similar to the grunge movement of the 90's. Central to poth is cathartic imagery of revenge-violence, innate distrust of authority, application of hip labels for very ordinary ages-old teenaged angst, and practice for someday becoming a bitter old man who writes definitions for slang dictionaries.
Too young to be Gen-X, can't dance so ain't Goth, teenaged rebellion, so let's call it Poth.
by Git Offa My Lawn August 10, 2004
Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Ostensibly a philosophy of noviolent universal acceptance to which people who attend raves subscribe; in reality, used by ravers in place of talk to the hand or whatever when they want you to stop making sense and leave them to their illusion.

Evidence of the reality of the second definition is found in the form of fistfights, factionalism, and the willingness to verbally attack other ravers over the slightest difference in musical tastes or which DJ to worship.
Plur is to Reality as "Why Can't We All Just Get Along" is to... humanity.
by Git Offa My Lawn August 10, 2004

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