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One of the most gorgeous cities in the world, and the largest county in Ireland (ignore people who tell you it's Clare, retards)
It has BLACKROCK, a diving tower of imense awesomness!
The locals are either scangers, drunkards, culchies, tomers or the nicest people you will ever meet.
The pubs and restraunts are amazing, especially the older, local places, like McDonagh's fish and chips or something of that calibre.
The town is great, and attracts fair such as the Continental Christmas Market and has hosted the Volvo Ocean Race and is set to host the finishing point stop- over for the Ocean Race in 2012.
Galway = epic.
"Yeah, I'm going to Galway for the summer.."
"Woah, holy shit, you're so lucky! while you're there, you should check out some of the amazing sites, pubs and locals...'
by Giraffesaretheshiz December 14, 2010

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