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(noun) high-pitched fart that almost sounds like it's asking a question. usually caused by stress or an attempt by the farter to stifle the fart. signifies a tight or clenched anus.
Did you hear that squeeker during the meeting? Yeah, sorry, that was me.
by Gippy August 14, 2005
A wrestling move that wraps the enemies neck and body so hard that it is impossible to get out of.
Caleb:"Oh my god! Joseph got Justin in the anaconda!" Jonathan:"Holy crap! he's gonna die!"
#anaconda #wrestling #snake #power #bootyslap
by gippy December 28, 2014
(noun) any American or Americanized woman with an IQ over 110
Genya was a lovely, kind, caring, girl when she lived in Poland; but American life has really turned her into a sarcastibitch.
by Gippy August 14, 2005
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