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How people get into a college they otherwise would have no hope of getting in to.
James: Yo I heard Tyshawn got in to Duke and got a full scholarship, too.

Bill: WHAT I cracked like 2000 on my SATs and had a 4.0 and I got waitlisted. He didn't even score 1000 and he had a 2.0.

James: Yeah but he's the number one basketball prospect in the country. He's on that athletic scholarship.
by Ginormous D April 17, 2011
The new box in the top right corner of Facebook. A box that makes it much easier to creep on people/stalk them, due to it constantly updating and showing every little action performed by one of your friends with astounding efficiency.
Bill: I wish there was an easier way for me to creep on Theresa on Facebook.
Bob: Check it out man, they have this new thing called the Creeper Corner that allows you to see every little thing someone does. It's in the top right corner.
Bill: Awesome dude! Now I don't have to hit "refresh" or "most recent" every time I wanna see what she's up to. This new thing does the job for you!
by Ginormous D September 21, 2011
The act of grabbing your own sack/balls after achieving a "user sack" in Madden. You must yell "User Sack" while grabbing your sack simultaneously. An excellent form of gloating
After Bill controlled Brian Orakpo to sack Tony Romo, he grabbed his sack and yelled "User Sack" at the top of his lungs, much to the disgust of his friend Bobby.
by Ginormous D November 09, 2011

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