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adj. describing something awesome that is only possible under the influence of serious doping, like the kind Lance Armstrong did in the tour de france.
Dude, I just went a 69-0 kd in CoD!

Dude, that is dope like lance armstrong!
by Gingerwhalegw January 19, 2013
Much like 'keeping up with the Joneses', in which a family competes with neighbors to own the coolest home, car, things, and kids; keeping up with the Botwins is the struggle to afford to do so through crime. The name is derived from the Botwin family in the Showtime series Weeds, led by Nancy Botwin, who sells marijuana in order to provide and protect her family, who follow in her criminal footsteps.
I was wondering how the family down the block could afford three Lamborghinis and a Porsche until they got busted by the cops for keeping up with the Botwins.

I'm selling MDMA in order to pay for college loans. Just trying to keep up with the Botwins!
by Gingerwhalegw June 09, 2013
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