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A ginger is a person who has red hair, pale skin, and has an obscene amount of freckles. They are known to take the souls of others because they themselves don't have one. They feed off of the fortunate to live. The rules to survive a ginger encounter is to never make eye contact, and to never let them touch you. If they are able to scratch you, bite you, or kiss you, then you might as well just end your life. If they are able to do any of these things, you will catch the ungodly virus known as Gingervitus. Once you get this virus, you are doomed for eternity and will be shunned by all.
OMG that ginger just bit me! I feel my soul getting sucked out of me!

Carrot Top. Example number one on why gingers should be stopped.

If you get scratched, it burns. True story bro.
by Gingerlyluv December 04, 2010

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