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It's the natural combination of:

Lan and Invitational

A Lan party restricted to invited participants.
"I got invited to SDS's Lanvatational, no n00bs or lamers will be there."
by Gingerbreadman March 19, 2005
An event or gathering restricted to invited participants

"an invitational tournament"
by Gingerbreadman March 19, 2005
Being attracted to sticking your dick into the little hole that the the door thing goes into,in the door frame
Eric: "what's up mike" *humping door frame*
Mike: " uhhh what are you doing there"
Eric: "I'm a doorsexual" *humping intensifies*
by GIngerBreadMan December 16, 2014
Slang for "leet", which is a shortened version of elite.

Using the 7 as an l, the 3's as e's and the t is used normally.

Commonly used in online gaming.

Usage may apply broadly, as both a noun and as an adjective.

That guy made an 733t shot. (adj)

His gameplay has reached 733t status. (n)
by Gingerbreadman September 13, 2003

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