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The word blounch is almost synonymous with bitch, but it's a little blounchier. Paris Hilton:Courtney Love as bitch:blounch. It's a bitch that's a little drunker. Can also be used as an adjective or as a term of endearment.
Did you see that blounch at the bar last night?" "What's up can't call a blounch?" "Quit your blounching and get your ass to the bar!
by GingerSnap83 October 28, 2010
It's a blounch that's a little sluttier. We all know one. See Blounch. Can also be used as an adverb.
Dude his new girlfriend is a total slounch." "You have been slounching it up lately!
by GingerSnap83 November 03, 2010

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