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This refers to the phenomenon of gay males having more success attracting women than straight males do. This is paradoxical as, obviously, a gay male has no interest in the women they monopolize away from straight males.
"Gay men get all the women. Everyone knows this. It's called the Fudgepacker Paradox."
by GingerBeer March 07, 2012
When one grabs another females breast from behind jiggles them repeatedly.
It was a surprising Ohio handshake.
by gingerbeer November 28, 2013
The act of getting on one's knees and then proceeding to give a really short person head after they drink too much; therefore resulting in an accidental golden shower.
Yea, but she was so drunk she reverse rumpelstiltskinned on me!
by Gingerbeer March 01, 2011
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