1 definition by Ginger nerd.... :)

Kevin- A sexy assed curly haired boy. He is amazing in every sense of the word. He extremely smart and is also amazing at sports, he is very athletic making his body toned and muscely. He is sweet kind and funny. He is a sound guy and all the girls want him, but he is shy. He does not like too much attention and is a bit of a flirt. He will stay faithful to his girl and make sure she knows she's beautiful and sexy. He is an utter babe. When talking about boys, girls sometimes refer to them as a Kevin!
Female 1: He's the best looking lad in out school!
Female 2: But yet he's so sweet and doesn't think he's good gift.
Male 1: I'd turn gay for him any day.
Female 1: He's so athletic and his ass is Soooo sexy.
Female 3: I'm so glad he's mine.
Female 2: You'v got yourself a Kevin ;)
by Ginger nerd.... :) September 17, 2011

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