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1. A song produced by the artist Hurricane Chris, a rapper from Shreveport, Louisiana. It is his debut single off his debut album 51/50 Ratchet. It was released in June 2007. The chant "Ay Bay Bay" is derived from "Hey, Bay Bay" with Bay Bay being the nickname of local DJ Hollyhood Bay Bay.

2. An African-American version of the common saying, "hey baby". "Hey baby" originates from the local usage in California from the 1960's to 1970's. This derogatory word is sometimes misleading to women, given its past as a mating call for a douchebag. While it may first be seen as a booty call, "a bay bay" is, if anything, a personable and vocal way of showing interest in a hottie at the club.

3. A common greeting from one bro to another. As such, one young man might yell "ay bay bay" to his friend (male or female) across the movie theater to get attention. Shortly after the release of the single, this classic usage originates from a water polo tournament held at Villanova University in August of 2007. It has also been indirectly labled as the theme song for a bus or van ride.
When I see a bad chick I'm hollerin' out... "Ay bay bay!"
I hope ya'all ain't with ya boyfriends,
'Cause I don't care what 'dey say!
and I don't care what he say or she say.
I'm in da DJ booth takin' pictures wit' da DJ.
by Ginger Nut August 06, 2007
1. The Jägerbomb is a cocktail combining one shot of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of a large energy drink, usually Red Bull. More generally speaking, the term 'bomb shots' can also refer to any different combination of energy drink and liquor. The birthplace of the drink is uncertain, although many references point to an origination in Ireland, where those giddy mics love to sing and dance while drinking their fuckin' Jägerbombs.

When multiple Jägerbombs have been ordered, it is common to serve them in such a fashion whereby glasses of Red Bull are lined up with an empty glass at one end. The shots of Jägermeister are then balanced on the lips of the glasses and, starting from the empty-glass end, the shots are consecutively knocked into the glasses.
Dago: Hey bro-skie, a couple of Heineken's over here, all right man? Fuckin Jägerbombs... they fuck you up! This is the only shit I'm gonna drink all night.
by Ginger Nut December 30, 2007
January 2 of every year is the official day for appreciating breasts, preferably those pertaining to the female anatomy. It beats the Hell out of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, right?
Fuck, you're still hung over from two nights ago... but guess what? At least we have an entire day dedicated to titties. That's right dude, it's National Breast Appreciation Day.
by Ginger Nut January 02, 2008
1. A word meaning something very exciting, interesting, entertaining, or will lead to a drunken stupor. Similar to the word clutch or radical.

2. A Pokemon, number 94. This pokemon is of the ghost type, it evolves from Haunter (the final evolution of Ghastly) only through the use of a Gameboy cable link. Sidenote: Pokemon is still for fags.
Bro 1 : Dude you hooked up with Latoya last night, right? I saw you mackin' on that bitch.
Bro 2 : Oh yeah man, last night was SO gengar, you know?
Bro 1 : No bro... I don't know. What the fuck is gengar, isn't that some pokemon?
Bro 2 : Yeah! Well, no. Not really. It's kind of like clutch, you know?
Bro 1 : Right... clutch. You know, that never caught on either.
by Ginger Nut May 29, 2007

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