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An exclamation accompanied by an index finger to upper-arm gesture that is quickly self-administered at the first sign of girl or boy "germs". Particularly popular with Australian schoolchildren throughout the 1990s.

Ironically, the injection for life never actually lasted for life, as it was said at every possible opportunity, if not several times a school day.
Jess: Ooh, David just borrowed my eraser and I think I saw him pick his nose earlier!

Stacey, Christine and Sharon: Injection for life!!
by Ginadean February 13, 2009
A failure to make good waffles.
You burned the waffles?! I believe that was a waffail.
by Ginadean April 24, 2009
Verb. Slang that implies the action of turning in a certain direction, usually used amongst friends by the person with the best idea of where the group or individual is headed.
1. "Oi Dazza! Crank a left at the next intersection, and we'll be there in like five minutes!"

2. "I told Shelly to crank a right, but she reckoned I was wrong. Now we're stuck in the middle of traffic!"
by Ginadean October 04, 2007

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